It was 9 years ago when Belle met him at The Madison, it was love at first sight. Love at first sight indeed. He looked like a basketball player- tall, strong with a full beard- just her type. His voice was husky, bold… the type that made heads turn when he spoke. The voice melted in his rich chocolate skin. His name was Jose, sleek, looked rich, articulate and above all, she was not in his league. It was an image from the gods.

The scene was just right, the sun shone brilliantly on the earth as music played in the background, people filled the dance floor, the air was filled with euphoria. Few days ago, she was the timid, introverted type but today, she felt different, she felt like a strong woman. After their first conversation, she was sold- he was articulate and went out of his way to talk with her, she was nonplussed at first but then her confidence spiked, Belle had never felt so alive. She decided to go back to his place, she usually didn’t do this.

At Jose’s house, she got comfortable within minutes- it was probably the alcohol getting to her or maybe it was the drug Jose slipped in her drink while she was distracted. He handed her another drink, she began feeling drowsy…drowsy and uncomfortable.

That was it!!

That was all she remembered from that night. 

She found herself in the hospital, apparently, a homeless man had seen her lying lifeless in a dark alley before calling 911.

Here she is, 9 years later on her way to her first date. It has been 9 years of hurt, darkness, guilt, a lot of soul searching and finally salvation. She had spent the past 8 years pouring herself into parenthood and work but now, it is time to move on.

“The longer we keep looking back in the rear-view mirror, it takes away from everything that’s moving forward.”

Dan Quinn

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,




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