Unknown Land

For the past month, I have been trying my best to adapt to this environment.

This environment is smaller than I am used to, everyone practically knows everyone. With an area of 93 square kilometers, an estimate of 12,000 people reside on this island. This island is blessed with beautiful beaches and resorts on this island and alluring scenery.

In this environment, the sun shines bright, the night comes on too fast and the goats roam freely in the street. It is also rumored that there are twice as many monkeys as humans in these streets. In this environment, strangers wave at themselves, cars honk as a sign of respect. In these streets friendship floats in the air.

This island is called Nevis and it is second home to me.


We have almost reached the middle of the year, let’s do something productive!!!!


You must be yam because my heart is pounding for you.

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,




2 thoughts on “Unknown Land

  1. Whhoop! Whhoop!!! My Celebrity geh Friend is Backkkkk yo!!!! I caNNot keep calm.. I just cant! Teekay is back Yo!!

    Waka waka.. Your Passport must look like a Tattoo freak now eh.. With so many stamps :).. Proud of you Nne..

    hahahahahah @there are twice as many monkeys as humans in these streets

    • I want it to look like the map o the world. I like to travel oooo, i wish i could travel more sef. There are actually twice as many monkeys as human beings, no kidding

      I’ll try to update more frequently 😉

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