The All Truth

Terrible was an understatement, Miranda has been circling the area for 20mins now, stubbornness has stopped her from asking for help- help she desperately needed. Is this stubbornness or pride? Maybe both. At this rate she was going to be late for the interview.

“Ughh!!” all she needed was to ask.

“2257” it should be around here somewhere. She prances for another 5mins until she forced herself to ask a passerby. “Excuse me Sir, could you please point me to 2261 Adelaide road?” She wondered why the man looked confused as hell- Ughh this is why she doesn’t ask for help, people could be so dumb at times.

She rolled her eyes furiously.

“Madam this is Adelaide Avenue not road, you would have to go back on the highway going north and get off at the next exit”

“OH CRAPITTY CRAP, how could I have missed that” She stormed into her car without saying thanks.

“You’re welcome!!!!” he yelled.

She turned round hissing. She called the company immediately to cancel the interview because due to uhmmm… car issues. Thank God they accepted to reschedule it for next week Wednesday 12:30 pm, at first the secretary was rude and condescending. In all honesty, she gave the secretary the power to act in such snobbish manner. She certainly wasn’t as intelligent as Miranda. Madam secretary was sure to get a taste of her own medicine when Miranda finally got the job. For Miranda, this wasn’t a good time for an interview, right now, she was very upset and frustrated.

“Kristen, can you believe what just happened? I am so pissed off right now! Can you believe I went to the wrong place it was totally not my fault, who was stupid enough to have two streets bearing the same name? I looked foolish telling the secretary I had car problems…so dumb! You know what also? the guy I asked direction from was tots rude-”.

“Miranda, Stop talking! ughhh… You need to chill out and stop being uptight all the time and I’m sure the guy wasn’t rude”

“But Kristen why are you so mean? I am upset over here and you are worsening the situation. You know what? I’ll call you when I get home, Bye”

 *Call Ends*


Miranda was munching on cookies and her favorite pistachio and mint ice-cream when Kristen called. “Miranda, are we still on for tonight? We have VIP access to ‘La Falls’, I heard it is the classiest of the classiest and we might meet some wealthy eligible bachelors”.

“Classiest of the Classiest?? You know that is incorrect right?” She wondered when her friend would start talking like an educated human. “But sure! I don’t know what to wear though. Can I wear a black dress?”

“We aren’t going to a funeral and besides Black makes you look sick. Wear that gold dress I got for your birthday last year”.

“Ok…see you at 9?”

“Sounds good, I can’t wait” *SCREAMS*”


Miranda arrived at Kristen’s door at 8:46pm. Her father instilled punctuality in her, he was the only one that truly understood her. The coconut surely doesn’t fall far from the coconut tree. May his soul continually rest in perfect peace.

*Rings Bell*

“Oh it’s you, I’m not ready yet, you always come too early and why are you wearing that black dress?? You never listen to me Ughhh” Kristen scowled.

“You know I do what I want to do when I want to do it Kristen.” *flicks hair*

“That’s why you can’t seem to get a job or keep a boyfriend?? You are lucky I still stick around with your disgusting attitude. Moving on, Come to the room and help me curl  hair while I put on makeup”

Miranda pondered on the statement her best friend made, it’s true! She hasn’t been able to keep a relationship, even her siblings only call her once a month just to fulfill all righteousness and the calls don’t last 10 mins. They can’t all be wrong- there must be something wrong with her. How and when did she cultivate such a habit?

“Could you make the curls it a bit looser? I am going for a classy surfer girl look” Kristen cuts into Miranda’s thoughts.

“There’s nothing classy about the surfer girl look your highness”

“Hehe…you should call me that more often it suits me”

“Nope, never gonna happen atleast not in this lifetime”.

“Whatever” *Kristen pouts*

“Kristen, do you know when I cultivated this habit?”

“ What are you talking about?”

“I’ve just being thinking about not being able to keep a job and all”

“Miranda I am sorry I shouldn’t have been so brash”

“Nah Kristen you were honest and it was good for me to hear that again, my siblings and I don’t talk anymore because of this attitude. I always think I’m right and I feel no one is as smart as me. I can’t even take corrections for goodness’ sake” “I feel like a fool, if I keep doing this, I might end up a lonely old woman with 15 cats and I don’t like cats”

“There’s no need to feel like a fool, you are a nice, smart and kind-hearted person, you just have to embrace that side of you and stop trying to be the smartest person in the room because you are not. Plus, you can always learn a thing or two from someone else. You can try it out at ‘La Falls’ tonight”

“True!! Finish up your makeup it’s already 9:15”


At ‘La Falls’ Kristen and Miranda sip on cranberry mocktails- they swore off alcohol after that spring-break disaster. Who had thought that that someone would rob drunk, pretty and young girls? To be honest she had insulted the guys a day before, they were lucky that they weren’t beaten up too. This stubbornness puts her trouble every time- she needed to get a grip.

“Miranda! Look at the guy over there, he’s totally checking you out. Go over and socialize”

“I won’t do such! I can’t beg a guy to get his attention” Miranda looks at him, he looked familiar

“OK just promise me that you will play nice if he comes over”

“Kristen he looks familiar, I think I ask him for directions today…look!! He’s coming Shhhhhhh!!!” Miranda whispers.

“Hi you look familiar, have we met before?”

“Not really but I asked you for directions earlier today”

“Oh yea, you seemed like you were in a hurry – where are my manners? My name is Tobi and you are?”

“Oh Hi Tobi, I am Miranda and this is my friend, Kristen. I should apologize for my behavior today I usually hate asking for help and so I was abit upset when I had to ask you”

“Oh really, it’s ok, I wasn’t upset. By the way ladies, do you care for refills?”

“No tha-”

“Yes thank you, we will have the cranberry mocktails” Kristen interjected. Tobi laughs and made the order.

There was great conversation, wonderful people and the ambience was nice. They all had a lovely time. She didn’t remember when last she had so much fun, she let go of her inhibitions and became free- she had never been free. At that moment she didn’t care about being the smartest person in the room nor did she shove her opinions down others’ throats. Their discussion touched on religion, politics, relationships and everything in between. Is this what she had been missing? She had always feared being invisible, she wanted her voice to be heard. She was blinded by that and it evolved into pride.

Ahh this is life at last, she was free after all.

“Pride is an independent, me-oriented spirit. It makes people arrogant, rude and hard to get along with. When our heart is prideful, we don’t give God the credit and we mistreat people, looking down on them and thinking we deserve what we have.”

Joyce Meyer

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,





It was 9 years ago when Belle met him at The Madison, it was love at first sight. Love at first sight indeed. He looked like a basketball player- tall, strong with a full beard- just her type. His voice was husky, bold… the type that made heads turn when he spoke. The voice melted in his rich chocolate skin. His name was Jose, sleek, looked rich, articulate and above all, she was not in his league. It was an image from the gods.

The scene was just right, the sun shone brilliantly on the earth as music played in the background, people filled the dance floor, the air was filled with euphoria. Few days ago, she was the timid, introverted type but today, she felt different, she felt like a strong woman. After their first conversation, she was sold- he was articulate and went out of his way to talk with her, she was nonplussed at first but then her confidence spiked, Belle had never felt so alive. She decided to go back to his place, she usually didn’t do this.

At Jose’s house, she got comfortable within minutes- it was probably the alcohol getting to her or maybe it was the drug Jose slipped in her drink while she was distracted. He handed her another drink, she began feeling drowsy…drowsy and uncomfortable.

That was it!!

That was all she remembered from that night. 

She found herself in the hospital, apparently, a homeless man had seen her lying lifeless in a dark alley before calling 911.

Here she is, 9 years later on her way to her first date. It has been 9 years of hurt, darkness, guilt, a lot of soul searching and finally salvation. She had spent the past 8 years pouring herself into parenthood and work but now, it is time to move on.

“The longer we keep looking back in the rear-view mirror, it takes away from everything that’s moving forward.”

Dan Quinn

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,



Unknown Land

For the past month, I have been trying my best to adapt to this environment.

This environment is smaller than I am used to, everyone practically knows everyone. With an area of 93 square kilometers, an estimate of 12,000 people reside on this island. This island is blessed with beautiful beaches and resorts on this island and alluring scenery.

In this environment, the sun shines bright, the night comes on too fast and the goats roam freely in the street. It is also rumored that there are twice as many monkeys as humans in these streets. In this environment, strangers wave at themselves, cars honk as a sign of respect. In these streets friendship floats in the air.

This island is called Nevis and it is second home to me.


We have almost reached the middle of the year, let’s do something productive!!!!


You must be yam because my heart is pounding for you.

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,



4+1 Ways to Stifle your dreams

Have you every had a goal and thought, “how do I stifle it?” Well if you have, I have compiled list of tips that could come handy.

With these tips,you will be an expert at stifling dreams and other aspirations. With any luck, you can infect others with this negativity.


This first step is a warm up, are you ready??

  1. Be afraid, be very afraid! Don’t just be afraid of spiders or death, that’s silly anyway.  You want to be afraid of every move, decision you are to make. To stifle you dreams, you will need to cling unto fear like there is no tomorrow. Think Mission Impossible

On your marks,

      2. Don’t Plan! Do not plan at all, this is just for losers. You’ve heard of this quote by Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”, am I right or am I right? But in all honesty, what does Mr. Benjamin know? His picture doesn’t even look great on the
United States one hundred-dollar bill. *Yawns* So lame.

Get Set,

       3. Keep Mute. If you want to make an impact, just keep mute. Do not tell anyone your dreams. Make no mention of it to that professor or entrepreneur and obviously not to your pet iguana. Zip it and move on.


[Side note: If you can combine these last tips, I salute your greatness. You are almost there.]

       4. Focus on other things. Yep,I went there. Come on! someone had to. To be an expert stifler ( this is in my dictionary), focus on every other thing but your goals. See that science course? Study it instead of the music courses that would help achieve your goal.

Run baby run!!!!! Let’s make home run (ain’t that baseball)

       5. Try to fit in! Being different is so passé.  Let your mom or even your boss carve your path, it is only ideal. Why do you need to carve your own path when someone could do it for you?


I hope this is of help to all that are reading. * Cheeky smile*


In all seriousness, I struggle with being vocal about what I need and want. However, I have found out that socializing goes a long way.

To excel,we also have to give procrastination the boot. Bye!!

“Love that could fill could not come from a boy cos it comes from the Saviour”

Chris Webb

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,



The Son

The day is still young, I sit and stare at the Sun

The Sun brings warmth to the earth and livens the lifeless

The Sun brings growth to the plants, they dance in new life

The Sun brings food to the hungry, shelter to the poor from the terrible winter

This Sun makes my skin glistens and excites my being

What can I do without the Sun?

Many things actually

But, The Son, The Son of God. What can you do without Him?

The Son made the Sun and the moon

He made Heaven and Earth

The Son, the epitome of beauty, was made to wash our sins away

The Son bore our sins on His back

The lashes and thrashes, whips and pains for our transgressions

The Son brought life to our robotic minds

Minds that have been altered to honor the vile

He carried our crosses.

I said He carried our crosses

Made it His cause, scars and all

Although my mind was captured by the enemy, He made it right

The Son called me His own

The Son brightens my life and made me whole

Without The Son, there is no sun to give life to the once lifeless

What can I do without the SON?

Seriously though, what can we do without Jesus? Our total being would be in shambles.

How are you guys? Hope the year has been treating you well

In other news:

  • I attended an event on Friday called Effizy night. i along with my sister and friend had the opportunity to fellowship with Tye Tribett, Da Truth and Rev. Sam Adeyemi. Rev. Sam Adeyemi was the main reason for me going…….

    Ok! Ok! I went because, I wasn't doing anything in particular that day. #Geez #ConfessionTinz

    Ok! Ok! I went because, I wasn’t doing anything in particular that day.
    #Geez #ConfessionTinz

  • The pastor tells everyone that wants forgiveness of sin to put their hand on their chest for a prayer. Next thing, he says stand up…my sister tells me to stand up because she saw my hand on my chest. Next thing I know, we are told to walk to the front, naturally I went. We were ushered to a hall where we got a free bible (NLT) and promise book. So now I have a matured looking new bible and I love it*Yay*
  • Comparing myself to the beginning of this year, I must say I have changed, I am more open in regards to sharing my feelings. *Certainly not there yet*
  • I also traveled to NYC with my siblings and a friend. I foresee more travels in my future.

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana, 



One with The Son

My heart makes fellowship with The One, The Son.

The Son that makes the earth tremble and quake, fast-forwards the hands of time- “one day to Him is like a thousand years“. He hold the earth between His fingers, all of its 6,371 km.

He controls the seasons. I said, He controls the seasons of my life. He causes rain to fall, the sun to shine as bright. It’s a must.

The Son, He is The Alpha and The Omega


I said, My Alpha and my Omega, He causes the sun to shine, my melanin pop and my soul to leap for joy.

My maker, He maketh me to lie in green pastures, He restoreth my hope in His Love

My maker, Love and True Joy is the King of creatures, without Him there is no creation.

My Love and King, He loved me even before I knew me. He loved me in my mistakes and shortcomings. There is none like Him.

My King orders my steps, His laws guide me in which way to go. He showers me in Love and gives me the greatest gift of all- Himself

My whole being wants to be transparent with Him but each time I retreat.

You see, people have hurt me, my vulnerability has cut me. It cut me deep.

Before Him, I was ‘that girl’. That girl that did things that would lead to death. I was that girl that told everyone her great plans, But the devil took it and turned it around.

I was that girl that stayed in her room, pain in her heart but no one to talk to. THAT GIRL.

I want to be transparent with Him, build a relationship with Him, but, I am scared.

I am scared He would hate me. I though he would revile and condemn me, because sometimes the real me retracts and ‘that girl’ invades. That girl overcomes and controls me. I become a puppet to her puppeteer.

I do try my best. Yes I try my best, but ‘that girl’ is still in a little corner trying to make a return. Oh Lord wash me!

But He knows me in and out,and still loves me. He was the One who formed my heart and He tells me, ” I love you, just come as you are”.

My King is radiant and filled with beauty, He want me to be His bride.

He pursued me for many years, while I rejected for many years. But now, I have come to a realization of Him, I am totally in love with His person.

He makes me laugh,my heart is full of merriment in His presence. His love envelops me like a mother’s embrace.

I have agreed to be his bride forever

This is obviously love, what love is greater than this? This has to be the truest love of all.


Kwaheri Ya Kuonana,



I have a confession

I have a confession…….i think I’m in love with Falz d badt guy. This love has been there since I saw his music video, “How far” . Then i saw his funny videos on Instagram. *gets dizzy and faints*

Yea,yea, yea…I know every other girl is in love with him. *yawns* *unbothered* *shrugs* but I’m more qualified than the rest. Falz here are my qualifications, please accept this as I am confident that I would be the best for thia positiom.

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